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This district is one of the Seven districts, those comes under Agra division. The head quarter of Agra division is also in Agra district.


Commissioner is the top administrator of Agra division. All the FOUR districts namely Agra, Mathura, Firozabad and Mainpuri are under his administrative control. Being an experience and senior administrative officer, he call several meetings of all the regional officers of the U.P. Government to monitor the progress of various schemes run by government time to time. Commissioner is responsible for good administration and planed development of the districts under his control and also act as "appeal adalat"   for revenue cases.

District Level Officers

District is the main unit of the state.  The District Magistrate/Collector is the administrator of the district   . The most  important work of the district magistrate is to maintain law and order, various rules and implementation of various govt. orders. Being a top administrator of the district  he directly order the police department whenever required.  He is also responsible to maintain peace and justice in the district.

As a collector the most important work of the district magistrate to collect  the land revenue and all the others main and miscellaneous dues of the government, proper maintenance of the Land Records, Land acquisition and settlement of the refugees. To provide the help to the public during   the natural calamities like drought, flood and earthquake. 

District Magistrate maintains the accounts of receipts and payments in the district treasury by the help of the Chief Treasury Officer and send the details to the government. He is responsible to implement all the government programmes in the interest of the common public of the district. He makes availability   of all the consumable items under public distribution system to the fair price shops by the help of the ADM Civil Supply and District Supply Officer. Being a district election officer  he conduct elections peacefully. Being a chairman of District Sainik Welfare board he directly linked to welfare of army personal.

    To maintain the general administration of the district there are six additional district magistrate are available for the assistance of district magistrate , which are known as..

Sr.No. Main Administrative Officers

Additional District Magistrate (Administration)


Additional District Magistrate (Finance & Revenue)


Additional District Magistrate (City)


Additional District Magistrate (Land Acquisition)


Additional District Magistrate (Protocol)


Additional District Magistrate (Civil Supply)

As per their work. Apart from this there are one City Magistrate and Six Sub Divisional Magistrate for  Six tehsils namely Sadar, Etmadpur, Bah, Kirawli, Fatehabad and Kheragarh. Also there are three Additional City Magistrates in the district. One settlement officer (Chakbandi) is also here.

According to general and revenue administration, Agra is divided into Six sub divisions Sadar, Etmadpur, Bah, Kirawli, Fatehabad and Kheragarh. The area of  each subdivision includes the area of each tehsil. Every tehsil  comes under S.D.M., is the class one magistrate of general administration and acts as an Assistant Collector for revenue administration. Also there is one Tehsildar in each tehsil, Additional Tehsildar, Nayab Tehsildar helps him for his work. Tehsildar acts as class two magistrate for his tehsil and helps Assistant Collector (S.D.M.) for running the revenue administration properly. Tehsildar work as an officer incharge for its tehsil office and revenue court. His work mainly includes collection of all dues, maintain of  Land Records, disposal of revenue cases and welfare of general public. Tehsildar is also incharge of sub treasury office located in his tehsil.

For better administration tehsil are distributed as paragnawise, Lekhpalwise and Kanungowise.

Apart from this Nayab Tehsildar is also posted in ceiling section at district head quarter, in nagar bhumi simaropan and in trade tax office.

District magistrate is also concerned with well planned development of the district. For planning purpose district is divided into Blocks. There are fifteen blocks namely...


Tehsils are Blocks are
Sr.No. Sub Divisional Magistrate
1 SDM - Sadar
2 SDM - Etmadpur
3 SDM - Kirawali
4 SDM - Fatehabad
5 SDM - Khairagarh
6 SDM - Bah
Sr.No. Blocks Are
1 Etmadpur
2 Khandauli
3 Shamshabad
4 Fatehabad
5 Jagner
6 Kheragarh
7 Sainya
8 Achanera
9 Akola
10 Bichpuri
11 Fatehpur Sikri
12 Barauli Ahir
13 Bah
14 Pinahat
15 Jaitpur Kalan

in the Agra district. Block Development officer is the incharge of the block.   BDO monitor the implementation of all the programs related to planning and development of the blocks. To make the co-ordination in the development work and for implementation of various   schemes at various blocks, there is an officer i.e. Chief Development Officer. District Magistrate plays a very important role for preparation for various developmental plans and its implementation for the district, he monitor activities of various department related to developmental works.

Nyaypalika is also an important part of the administration. At district Agra District Judge & Session Judge is the incharge, he works under High Court Allahabad. There are approximately 50 other  courts which works under district  judge. They Are                     

District Judge Top

S No Name of Post No S No Name of Post No
1 Principal Judge (Family Court)   1 6 Chief Judicial Magistrate   1
2 Additional District Judge 22 7 Spl  Chief Judicial Magistrate   1
3 Judge (Small Causes Court)   2 8 Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 14
4 Civil Judge   8 9 Judicial Magistrate   2
5 Additional Civil Judge   8 10 Additional Civil Judge (Junior Division)   5
Other State Government Officec are:
In Agra district  there are several offices related to administration, development and public welfare as follows :
S No Name of Officer S No Name of Officer
1 Chief Development Officer 15 District Gramodyog Officer
2 Chief Medical officer 16 District Supply Officer
3 General Manager, District Industries Centre 17 Asstt Registrar(Co-operative Societies)
4 Executive Engineer, Irrigation 18 District Agriculture Officer
5 Executive Engineer,Nalkoop 19 District Plant Protection Officer
6 Executive Engineer, Jal Nigam 20 Chief Veterany Officer
7 Executive Engineer, PWD 21 District Cane Officer
8 Executive Engineer, Minor Irrigation 22 District Social Welfare Officer
9 Adult Education Officer 23 District Panchayat Raj Officer
10 Basic Shiksha Adhikari 24 District Horticulture Officer
11 District Inspector of Schools 25 Bhumi Sanrakshan Adhikari
12 District Excise Officer 26 District Probation Officer
13 District Information Officer 27 Assistant Director, National Savings
14 Viklang Kalyan Adhikari 28 District Development Officer

Divisional Level Offices
S No Name of Officer S No Name of Officer
1 Commandent, Home Guards 15 Deputy Director, Soil Conservation
2 DIG, Police 16 Deputy Director, Mandi Prishad
3 Regional Director, Social Forestry 17 Deputy Director, Eco and Stat
4 Addl. Director, Health & Family Welfare 18 D.I.G., P.A.C.
5 Joint Development Commissioner 19 Regional Officer,Institutional Finance
6 Additional Director, Industries 20 Joint Director, Tourism
7 Deputy Director , Information 21 Regional Food Controller
8 Deputy Director, Social Welfare 22 Assistant Commissioner, Food
9 Joint Director, Education 23 Deputy Director, Cooperative Socities
10 Deputy Director, Fisheries 24 Joint Commissioner, Excise
11 Deputy Director, Horticulture 25 Chief Engineer, PWD
12 Addl. Director,Treasury & Pension 26 General Manager, Power Corporation
13 Joint Director,Agriculture 27 Superintendent Engineer, Irrigation
14 Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry 28 Deputy Director, National Savings

Other DepartmentsTop

The organizational setup and their main functions of some important departments like Public Works Department, agriculture, animal husbandry, industry, forest, co-operative, education, horticulture and information departments follows as under

Public Works Departments:

PWD do the maintenance and repair work of government buildings, roads, bridges and construction of pulias etc. . Engineer in chief  is the head of the department and its head quarter is at Lucknow.

Superintendent Engineer Agra-Firozabad circle office is at Agra. He is responsible for all the seven executive engineers offices those come under this circle. These are ...

1. Construction Division, TTZ-I, Agra

2. Construction Division-II, Agra

3. Provisional Division, Agra

4.  Electrical & Mechnical Division, Agra

5. Temporary Mechnical Division, Agra

6. National Highway Division-I, Agra

7. National Highway Division-II, Agra

Every executive engineer is responsible to do the work properly. For his help, there are assistant engineers blockwise and junior engineer are posted.


For monitoring the agriculture activities  in district Agra, comes under joint director, agriculture extension, Agra division, his head quarter is also at Agra. At district level deputy director agriculture is responsible for all the agricultural development works. For his assistance there is a district agriculture officer, one additional agriculture officer, sub divisional agricultue extension officers, assistant development officer (agriculture), assistant agriculture inspector and several kamdars are there.

The work of the plant protection is monitored by district plant protection officer. For the help there is a senior plant protection officer and plant protection supervisior at nyay panchayat level.

Animal Husbandry :

Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry covers Agra Division. His main work to organise and implementation of various progammes related to animal husbandry.

At district level there is Chief Veterinary Officer   and many Veterinary doctors are posted. Their main work is to improving the breed of animals and production. For animals there are many veterinary hospital, two mobile veterinary office and some artificial invacination center. Apart from this are dispencieries and Pashu Seva kendra. They organise several programmes to prevent the animal by various disease. There are several simeon collection centre at Agra.

Industry :                                                                Top

District Agra is headquarter of industry department for Agra Division. There is additional director industry, Agra At district level there is general manager, district industries center. His main work is to provide the various facilities to the industrialist such as machine, industrial plots, technical guidelines and financial assistance at one place. For proper working there is a one marketing manager, manager (loan), project manager, manager (khadi and gramodyog) and account officer is there.

Forest :

The headquarter of Social Forestry, Agra division is at Agra, which is under Divisional Director social forestry.  At district level there is a district forest officer. The main work of the forest department is to make a proper balance in environment, to prevent land sliding, to make the better climate by plantation and protection to forest animals. To increase the forest area, to avoid the cutting of trees in the forest area.

Co-operative :

This department monitor the working of cooperatives societies, their organization and registration. Also monitor and control the work of employees. The inspection of other cooperative department is also under control of this department.

The Deputy Registrar, cooperative societies is also in Agra, is the regional chief of this department. At district level the Assistant Registrar (cooperative societies) is head of  the department which control all the cooperative societies in his district.

Education :

There is a joint director  education who supervise the district inspector of schools (boys), district inspector of schools (girls),   assistant director, basic education and Deputy Director of Education  in Agra.

At district level, there is district inspector of schools for boys and girls, who  looks after financial and administrative control of all high school and inter college in the district. There are deputy inspector of schools for helping him. 

All the primary and junior high schools are under control of  Basic Shiksha adhikari, Agra. There are fifteen assistant basic shiksha adhikari  for assisting him.

Horticulture :                                                                Top

Earlier this department was attached with agriculture department.  To maintain old garden and to prepare new garden was the main aim. From 4th January,1974 this department was separated from agriculture. The main function of this department  is to select the site for the new gardens, to make arrangements for seeds and ornamental plants, technical guidance for improving the old gardens.  To provide the plants of vegetables on low cost, to promote plantation, to provide seeds of potato to the farmers in time, increase the production of fruits.

District horticulture officer is the head in his office.  Senior horticulture inspector , horticulture inspector are also there for assisting him. There are two government and many private nursery.

Information :

Information department  is an interface between public and government. The main aim of this department is to make publicity as much as possible of government activities and policies.  For this purpose they use several books, press advertisement, an article,  news reel, documentary films and exhibitions.

At district  level, there is a district information officer who is linked to public through media. He is also responsible to all press release of district administration.

Central Government Departments In Agra                                                                   Top

Income Tax :

The office of the income tax commissioner is in Agra   for income tax fixation and collection of income tax and property tax . There   are deputy commissioner (range),  deputy commissioner (tax fixation), deputy commissioner (administration), assistant income tax commissioner (statistics),   assistant income tax commissioner (vigilance), assistant income tax commissioner (prosecution) and one assistant income tax commissioner (audit) available  for assisting income tax commissioner.

There is one income tax commissioner (appeal) at Agra for hearing the appeals against income tax fixation  which is responsible hearing the case for the amount more  than one lakhs of all the district under his control. For the income less that one lakh, deputy commissioner (appeal) is responsible to hear the case.

Custom & Central Excise : 

There is one division for custom and central excise of Agra. A deputy commissioner, is looking this office. This division covers severals ranges from agra and firozabad district.  There are various range offices , each monitored by the suprintendent, each range in further divided into sectors, inspector is responsible for each sector.

This department collects the excise duty for the government of India on various items. These items are all kinds of tobacco, vegetable oil, eatable items, cigarettes, Items prepared from organic & inorganic things, paints, cosmetics, soap, tire and tube, rubber & items made by rubber, paper, cotton, threads, clothes, iron and steel , sugar, match box etc. are the main items.

National Savings :                                                                

Deputy Director (National Savings) office also located at Agra. At district level there are assistant director national savings, additional district savings officer, investigator cum computer, one publicity assistant and several others employees who assist him.

This department collects the money for various government savings schemes like National Savings Certificate (NSC), Kissan Vikas Patra (KVP), Post office RD Scheme/Monthly Scheme/Saving Bank,  Public Provident Fund, Indra Vikas Patra. After publicity of above schemes several times they create feeling for saving in general public. Implementation and sales of these schemes done by the Post Offices with co-ordination of District Saving Office.

Post & Telegraph :                                                                 Top

The headquarter of Superintendent (Post) is at Agra, his work area is in full Agra. There are deputy supdt. post, and postmasters for assisting him. There are 351 post offices in Agra district. Speed post facility is also available here.

The head of telegraph General Manager (Telephones) also at Agra. 

National Informatics Center :

The district center of NIC under ministry of information technology , located at Collectorate Agra. District Informatics Officer and scientists are there. The main aim of this office is to provide the Computer Communication Network (NICNET) to various offices, to provide technical guidance & training time to time.

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