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 National Informatics Centre (NIC), Ministry of Information Technology, Government Of India represents the pioneer, foremost and largest source of services in the area of Informatics, which is defined as the combination of Information Technology and Telecommunication. The spectrum of services provided by NIC encompasses various dimensions of the Information Technology Arena such as Consultancy, Software Development, Data Communication, Multimedia, Internet Service, E-Commerce, Networking, Office Automation etc. NIC’s network known as NICNET presently connects all the district to State capitals to Center through satellite ARAB-SAT. AT District level, NIC District Units provide effective informatics support to the  Central Govt., State Govt. and district administration at the district.


NIC at Agra : The NIC, Agra District Centre became operational in 1988. In 1991, NIC was shifted in present independent building of collectorate.  In order to exploit and explore the vast opportunities offered by Information Technology aimed at improving and accelerating the planning process and implementation of socio-economic programmes, it was necessary to create mass awareness  among officials of District Administration and other departments in the District . To achieve the purpose and to do the ground work , a series of training and awareness programmes were conducted. The trend of computers usage in the District showed a tremendous increase and various areas of District Administration were brought under computerization.


Helping the District Administration:  Ever since its inception,  the NIC District Centre at Agra has  carried out various s/w development projects for District Administration. Some of the highlights of such achievement  include :


         NIC carried out 100% computerization of Land Records. At the initial level, Khataunis (Records of Right) were taken up. Land Records computer centres also being setup at tehsil level and that data may be updated there only. The distribution of ROR have also begun in  tehsils.

         NIC, Agra actively assisted the District Administration in Parliamentary, Assembly, Panchayat and Local Bodies Elections. Every election related   work was processed using computers right from deployment and issue of orders of election staff from the database to the round wise counting result compilation & transmission.


         Treasury has been computerised using TISNIC (Treasury Information System of NIC),  PDSNIC (Pension Disbursement System of NIC) and GISNIC softwares provided by the NIC UP State Unit Lucknow.  Almost all the activities of treasury are computerised.


         District Centre has also developed the Revenue Certificate Monitoring System for the Collector for the effective and efficient monitoring of RC’s Dues wise, Tehsil wise & Amin wise.


         Another major area of computerisation undertaken by NIC, Agra was "COMPUTERISATION OF PRIMARY CENSUS ABSTRACT 1991" and "VILLAGE DIRECOTORY 1991". Both these project for District Agra, Mathura and Firozabad was successfully completed.


         In order to bring efficiency in government offices, NIC has implemented various computerised MIS. This include MIS for TLC, District Plan , Small Saving Schemes, 20point Monitoring System, District Statistics Handbook, Divisional Statistics Handbook, DRDA computerisation, District Court, Divisional District Plan, DIC computerisation, Basic education teachers payroll, U.P. Govt. Employee Payroll  etc.


         NIC has facilitated the offices which do not  have computer to use its own facilities at District Centre for sending and receiving E-mails. The excellent performance of NIC, Agra Unit has gained wide appreciation from the District Authorities.


NICNET Utilization : The NIC District Centre, Agra has provided the NICNET Communication facility to a wide variety of user departments such as District Rural Development Authority,  Economic & Statistics Office, District Industry Centre, FCI, Central Excise, District Court, Employee Provident Fund, N.S.S.O., Agra University, S.N. Medical College etc.

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