The tribute given to Sridevi in TajJangi, was passed here on the streets of the villages, Queen of the form’

Publish Date : 25/07/2017

April 8, 2014, the furious mid-day Open jeep Pallu on the head Black eyeglasses on the eyes In a purple sari, when ‘Rani of Roop’ passed through the streets of the villages coming from the towns, all the furor became. The roofs, the women and the children were trapped and the streets were full of youth.
Everyone was desperate to get a glimpse of ‘Chandni’. The memories of the day-long famous actress Sridevi’s fame from the Thapar of Lu are still fresh in the heart of the people of Fatehpur Sikri Lok Sabha constituency.

Late Sridevi is coming less in Agra. But, after hearing the news of his demise, the wave of grief was raging among his fans. It was easy to believe that Sridevi, who ruled the hearts on his own acting career, was not there.

She last met with her husband and producer-director Bonnie Kapoor for the road show of Congress-RLD candidate Amar Singh in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.
They did road shows in Itaura, Kukua, Post, Sania, Eartanagar, Sania, Dhimshri and Fatehabad.